and then again, welcome.

This blog jumps right into the middle of the conversation between life and art which is going on around our ears, eyes, heart, and mind right now.  I have always been an embarrassment to go shopping with or into art galleries – because I am liable to instinctively point and say loudly: “Isn’t that wonderful!” or “That’s hideous”.  So this blog is full of things which make me want to go “Woh!” “Fantastic!”  “Don’t miss that!” or shake my head sadly.  You have been warned.

I hope that this jumble of curated words and pictures will be an enjoyable world and inspire our own creative expressions as part of life.  

From autumn 2017, I specifically began adding Creative Takeaways at the end of most posts – specific ideas, tips and encouragements from that post, which we can take away to use in our own makings.


If you only have around 5 minutes to spare in your coffee break – or just have a few minutes’ loose change – there’s a segment just for you, labelled “5 mins” – enjoy.

Note: the ability to press a “Like” button has recently been disabled – this is unfortunately because there were some people using this to advertise themselves and their products. On the other hand, thank you to the many people who have genuinely responded with a ‘like’.  By all means, do post a comment and if you and your source are genuine, it will be noted.