1,000 posts!

This is our 1,000th post, & Counting! Thank you for being part of this by your visit – do stay a moment and have a look through what is now a generously sized magazine online on creativity and how to make more and enjoy more. There are hundreds of posts on many different arts andContinue reading “1,000 posts!”

Other People’s Phone Messages

I don’t normally listen in on other people’s phones – but we’re all invited to do so in the opening title sequence for the TV series “The Rockford Files”.  What a great idea for an opener – it immediately tells us so much about the main character of the downbeat Private Investigator – the humour,Continue reading “Other People’s Phone Messages”

What can you do with a commute time?

One example.  Brooklyn Boy Knits. Practice your writing Another person who used his commute as place to exercise his creative interest is a poet in a previous blog post: Dobby Gibson. Listen to a Podcast or Book Quite a few people are already onto this trick – judging by the amount of earphones I see onContinue reading “What can you do with a commute time?”

Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea

What’s it like to draw under water?  Kirsten Carlson shows us in this short video. Caution – if you don’t like the sensation of putting your head under water, beware, some of this is incredibly evocative.   Creative Takeaway If you need to imagine new worlds and shapes for science fiction – consider looking atContinue reading “Sketching underwater: artist-at-sea”

Stitching as meditation

This conversation about stitching is itself slow, meditative and pondering, titled “Thinking Stitch” by Brenda Miller. In the conversation, the two women sewing discuss early memories of a mother sewing practical clothes, rhythms of machine and handsewing, practicing the craft as a meditative way of slowing down, and the importance of finding that creative timeContinue reading “Stitching as meditation”

What does Poetry DO?

Malcolm Guite: “I once had a conversation with the poet Seamus Heaney on when poetry lives and works in people, as opposed to being printed on a page or worse still, studied in a university somewhere –  when does it actually become poetry?  We both agreed that it first becomes poetry when it shimmers intoContinue reading “What does Poetry DO?”