Alexandra Kingswell: Quilting and Maths


Alexandra Kingswell mixes Fibonacci sequence, Pi and vibrant colours in ways which make your eyes and spirit sing. Her infectiously joyous colours and patterns are derived from mathematical equations - do you know anyone else who enthuses about the pattern formed at "some 544 decimal places into Pi..? Her website is a treat of inspiration …


15 gift ideas for a knitter

Kristy Glass Knits, gift, Christmas, knitter

15 gift ideas for the knitter in your life

Name digital picture files for easy retrieval

computer, backup, file naming

This is just one good way to label digital picture files, as practiced by professional photographer, Michael Greco. Notice, I'm just suggesting it as one good idea - the video clip itself is titled "The World's Best File Naming System" - and this raised the heckles of commenters on the comments section.  Some were …

Music, architecture, Linocut – Angela Cavalieri (13 mins)

large scale, linocut

Angela was awarded a fellowship to research - she brought together the music of Claudio Monteverdi and the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi into 2 huge linocuts:   The scale of the work is impressive.  In some parts of the video, she is shown lying on one side on a pillow, so that she is able …