Health & Safety Film Night: Test Drives

How to test drive a car


Decluttering gently and naturally

The Internet is itself cluttered with Professional Declutterers -  with videos of fiercely energetic bright-eyed professional Organisers who produce rigid programmes of Decluttering which suit their own list-driven, cool and emotionless Purges.  They are usually shown on video solo, in their strictly minimalist homes (with the emphasis on 'list') and have barely concealed contempt and pity …

Music, architecture, Linocut – Angela Cavalieri (13 mins)

large scale, linocut

Angela was awarded a fellowship to research - she brought together the music of Claudio Monteverdi and the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi into 2 huge linocuts:   The scale of the work is impressive.  In some parts of the video, she is shown lying on one side on a pillow, so that she is able …