Health and Safety at Work: Newsletters

For confined office and factory spaces, consider using digital media for office newsletters.

From “The High Sign” (1921)

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What fashion is for… Pierpaolo Piccioli

“You don’t need a new bag or item; you need new emotions and new dreams – and that’s what fashion is for” – Pierpaolo Piccioli – Valentino creative director


Film “Paterson” – a mood poem

I’ve just watched “Paterson” – a Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who secretly writes poetry and delights in overheard conversation.  It’s a really gentle, observant film with not much action, but a lot of listening.  Here’s a really good summary of it by reviewer Mark Kermode, who sums it up as a ‘mood poem”


Health and Safety at Work: Awards Ceremonies

Professor Mal Archaic once again introduces our Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night.

Hello, bon soir, .  This evening, we tackle the problem of Awards Ceremonies.  All of a sudden, normally sane celebrities becomes moved to emotion, trips, falls, tears and unwarranted exclamations.  Or the temptation to appear more profound than usual.  Really, just the same as an graduation ceremony at a regional university, eh, what? what?

Let us examine the perils of Hugh Laurie – in action –