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How low can you go with "low budget" video. Try Zero.


A L Kennedy – what good writing is

Listening to "The Verb" BBC Podcast (episode 3 Feb 2018) on writing, yesterday, on a bus, I was astonished and captivated by comments on writing, by A L Kennedy:   What a writer should write: "From the writer's point of view, if you're not saying what it's burningly necessary for you to say, absolutely to …

Writing his First Movie Script: Sylvester Stallone

For the first time, I watched "Rocky" through - best of all, the attached DVD commentary by Sylvester Stallone - who comes across clearly as a writer: He talks about finding the heart of the story - and how financially broke he was when writing.  There are wry and ironic looks back - and …

The Art of Conversation – Studs Turkel Archive

Basically, you need never be bored again.  An immense archive of  the great audio interviewer and social historian and researcher, Studs Turkel, speaking over 40 years with great thinkers, movers and shakers as well as people less famous - has been properly curated and placed online.  This is America, talking to itself, about its hopes and …