Caravaggio brought to life

The paintings of Renaissance painter are brought to life in this videoed performance of tableaux vivants: acting, sculpture and painting together. For me, this is a giant confirmation of Andrew Graham-Dixon's comments in his lecture (in Edinburgh 2018) that Caravaggio was so immersed in sculpture, that he painted lifelike depictions of real bodies in …


Painting as thinking: Sarah Bush

bottle, water, painting, Sarah Bush

"I have an idea, then the work helps me finish the thought" - Sarah Bush Sarah Bush works quietly in her studio, which is also a quiet palette of light neutrals - her colourful clothes jump out as she moves in her environment.  Many of her paintings are also quiet: almost monochrome. There is …

Watching paint move

Colour at work - 2 brief videos of artists making abstract art in huge canvases, in closeup, watching the colours react and interact.