Artist: Faith Ringgold

“You can’t wait for someone to say who you are, you need to write it and paint it and DO it” – Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold, artist/writer has a retrospective touring exhibition currently at the Serpentine Gallery in London right now – but ’twas not ever thus.  When she began taking her paintings to galleriesContinue reading “Artist: Faith Ringgold”

Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott

Come into the wild Scottish Landscape with painter Libby Scott… you won’t need a brolly or wellies – this video by Josh Davie takes you there.  Libby’s love of the outdoors and artist’s eye help you see even more beauty and colour in the scenery – and Josh’s videowork highlights the texture and movement.  AnContinue reading “Scottish Landscape Painting: Libby Scott”

“You should buy art because…

… you like the thing you’re buying.” Quote from clothes Designer, Paul Smith, in this engaging film about buying art.  He buys across a wide range of artists and price ranges, impulsively, in reponse to the pieces.  And this is what he personally advocates as a buying technique. Youtube video by Sotheby’s   Creative TakeawayContinue reading ““You should buy art because…”

Painting on found wood: Graham Rich

Sailing artist/sculptor Graham Rich paints pictures of water and boats from driftwood found at water edges.  Their surface recalls memories and prompts a painting idea, which is painted and scratched onto the surface, with a resultant sense of texture. Video by Topsham TV found on Youtube “A Visual Correspondence with Ian Hamilton Finlay” Devon-based Graham maintainedContinue reading “Painting on found wood: Graham Rich”

Caravaggio brought to life

The paintings of Renaissance painter are brought to life in this videoed performance of tableaux vivants: acting, sculpture and painting together. For me, this is a giant confirmation of Andrew Graham-Dixon’s comments in his lecture (in Edinburgh 2018) that Caravaggio was so immersed in sculpture, that he painted lifelike depictions of real bodies in realContinue reading “Caravaggio brought to life”

Painting as thinking: Sarah Bush

“I have an idea, then the work helps me finish the thought” – Sarah Bush Sarah Bush works quietly in her studio, which is also a quiet palette of light neutrals – her colourful clothes jump out as she moves in her environment.  Many of her paintings are also quiet: almost monochrome. There is depthContinue reading “Painting as thinking: Sarah Bush”