Fine Art Photography – Oleg Oprisco

I have just recently seen the work of Oleg Oprisco for the first time.  For me, this was an electrifying experience.  Each picture has a story – and inspires me creatively.


This is the first one I saw.  It was a perfect picture to point out to a group of friends who Continue reading “Fine Art Photography – Oleg Oprisco”


42 Douglas Adams Quotes…

Douglas Adams fans will recognize some of these quotes immediately from his books (include the series of Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy). They are witty and worth reading – thank you BBC for compiling.  I especially like: 1. “A learning experience is one of those things that says, ‘You know that thing you just did? Don’t do that.’” 5 “I refuse to answer that question on … Continue reading 42 Douglas Adams Quotes…

Humorous Food Review “Hoovering”

Breakfast with a side order of wit – from food reviewer and comedienne Jessica Fostekew, at online humour magazine Standard Issue (“a smart and witty e-magazine by women”).  Here’s an amuse bouche: “I should confess that I hate black pudding. It tastes like licking a hot, broken road that there’s recently been a terrible fight on. My companions however explained if you do like black pudding, then that black … Continue reading Humorous Food Review “Hoovering”

A day with Sue Perkins

I went to buy something to read for a coffee break – only to find today’s newspapers were so expensive (and seemed determined to list the gorey details of human atrocities or wring their hands over the state of the world) – and magazines were expensive and full of adverts…. that it seemed better value for money and good mental health, today, to buy a book.  Less … Continue reading A day with Sue Perkins

Comedy writing – ways in (UK)

When you aspire to be a writer, the person you really want to hear from, is someone who has been in your shoes, but managed to strong-arm open the door of opportunity and is now paid to do what you’d love to do.  (Although I suppose it would also be fun to hear from a producer who loves your work and wants to commission a series)

Gemma Arrowsmith sends this (hardwon) report back from the land of opportunity.  This recent sketch by her got onto the Tracey Ullmann show, went viral and has been spotted by your truly on Farcebook.

“The opportunity to write for Tracey Ullman didn’t happen overnight, however. I’ve been writing sketches since I was at drama school.

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