Humorist, Photographer, Earthling

Terry Border describes himself as “Humorist, Photographer, Earthling” on his website.

As well as the photo series of books with wiry limbs (see featured photo above this article) he is also a punning facial hair model:

moose+stache – this is part of a series if you have a friend with facial hair which you would like to gently mock.

And a series of imaginative reconceptions of Paint Chips – yes, paint chips – that ordinary,



LifeBOOK: “Gee’s Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt”


Some books are fictional, some are what I’m going to call LifeBOOKs – books which help you read life.  Books you remember because they open doors, open eyes, make you see and understand things you didn’t before you opened the covers.  I hope to pull some of these down off my shelves and review them now and then.


Another incentive to Write That Book

If you’re aiming to dive into writing That Novel in November – here’s yet another incentive: a £10,000 prize for previously unpublished writer: the Deborah Roger’s Foundation.

Deborah was a literary agent, and so this prize continues her life work of supporting new, emerging writers.  The entry level isn’t too strict about not having published before – the odd short story in a magazine or even poetry does not exclude you.

Read the rules.  Thank you, Deborah Rogers.  As someone commented, even if you don’t win the award, you will have written most of a book, to qualify.  Win-win!

Writer’s pictures 2

Having a good picture of yourself may seem like a dream a long way off, when you’re starting to send out your work as a writer, and only you and your computer know what you’re about.  But the need for a publicity picture may come sooner than we think.  Are you ready?  I was asked recently to supply a photo as I was leading some workshops and suddenly realised I was one selfie short of a bio.  What do the well-published writers look like?

I blogged about this before, at

But I am reminded of it today with this crop of author pics which you can see above this post, freshly harvested from The Word Factory, (more…)

Poetry is everywhere – Instagram

For practicing but unpublished poets out there – a new way to build an audience, get your work seen and possibly get a book offer from a publisher….


According to an article in the Boston Globe (by Michael Brodeur)

“Amazon’s top 10 bestsellers in poetry is filled with works by poets who post their works via Instagram photos.”

article: “In a land of selfies and shots of lunch, poetry thrives” April 19, 2017


Typography History in 5 mins

This simple animated 5 min vid gives the basics of main typography (fonts).  Even if you are on first name terms with fonts, this gives a little more info in an easy to view way.


Recommended further reading: (she said, in italics)

Then I would recommend getting “Just my type” by Simon Garfield

41qkrcyAYEL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg I was so impatient to get my reading paws on this, that I bought the hardback cover.  I don’t regret that – i think it’s a book you could go back to, again and again.  Each chapter is the story of a new font/person in the history of typography.  It’s written in an amusing, interesting relaxed way, easy to read but yet you’re learning all the way.