ART: Steve Martin at MOMA

Missing being able to pop into an art gallery these days? Try this – viewing 2 pieces from MOMA with actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin words and video on MOMA site here. As Steve looks at the pictures, which seem to be abstract art, he gets a whole new insight into one of them. As he says,Continue reading “ART: Steve Martin at MOMA”

Jerry Saltz “How to be an artist”

So it’s an interesting time to do a booktour – in a pandemic – Jerry Saltz is co-chief Art Critic for New York Times with his wife, Robert Smith – and is currently on the road, with pre-publicity for his book “How to be an artist”. As usual (see his instagram feed @jerrysaltz) he isContinue reading “Jerry Saltz “How to be an artist””

WRITING: Book Launch Successful

As a writer, I am delighted to find the “Book Launch” podcast by Tim Grahl, who helps authors build their platform and market their books.  Here’s why: Tim has had 5 authors in the NY Times bestselling booklist in the same week there are episodes on so many useful topics Tim comes across as a decentContinue reading “WRITING: Book Launch Successful”

Frankenstein Handwriting

It’s possible to see the workings of a writer’s mind through manuscripts of how they wrote – e.g. Mary Shelley drafting “Frankenstein”

Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York

Kristy Glass, vlogger knitter interviews the creators of the book “I knit New York” and follows the photo shoot for this book – which is chockfull of architecture designs into knitting. Knitted designs include: 42nd and Lex (the Chrysler building) as a cardigan   Interviewed: Kirsten Kapur @throughtheloops on Instagram Kathleen Dames @KathleenDames on InstagramContinue reading “Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York”

Books yet to read

Which books do we ever get round to reading – and which fall by the wayside and remain unread?  Popular book reviewer on Youtube, Sanne, ponders…. You can follow Sanne at her Youtube channel, booksandquills. If you have a seemingly endless list of books you want to read – my sympathy as a fellow sufferer.Continue reading “Books yet to read”

What art do animation artists love to make?

Blog post from on “Moonshine” a book of 49 animators and the work they make privately for themselves.