Artist: Faith Ringgold

“You can’t wait for someone to say who you are, you need to write it and paint it and DO it” – Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold, artist/writer has a retrospective touring exhibition currently at the Serpentine Gallery in London right now – but ’twas not ever thus.  When she began taking her paintings to galleriesContinue reading “Artist: Faith Ringgold”

Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo

As ever, I stumble upon something wonderful after everyone else…. take, for example the comedy of “The marvellous Mrs Meisel” – which has won multiple awards, run for 2 full series on Amazon Prime and… I just discovered it a few weeks ago.  Eagerly, I advocated it to a good friend – who responded wearilyContinue reading “Tidy Desk with Marie Kondo”

What can you do with a commute time?

One example.  Brooklyn Boy Knits. Practice your writing Another person who used his commute as place to exercise his creative interest is a poet in a previous blog post: Dobby Gibson. Listen to a Podcast or Book Quite a few people are already onto this trick – judging by the amount of earphones I see onContinue reading “What can you do with a commute time?”

Post-stroke to new career

“Limitations in itself might be a prompt to creative understanding”.…  Kate Davies, was an academic until a sudden stroke at the age of 36 turned an energetic academic into someone whose left side was paralysed and without memory of how to work.  (Note: there are many famous Kate Davies – this Kate has written armfulsContinue reading “Post-stroke to new career”

Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard

Matisse called Pierre Bonnard “one of the greatest colourists” – this would immediately interest me in his work.  But added interest as the curators Matthew Gale and Helen O’Malley give us a walkthrough summary of the current exhibition: “The C C Land Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard: the colour of Memory” (23 Jan – 6 May 2019).Continue reading “Exhibition: Pierre Bonnard”

Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt

Marna Lunt does applique the way Picasso worked with paint.  She has a joyous feel for embroidery, likes making lines higgledy-piggledy (what a lovely, freeing word that is) – and she does workshops.  Watch her at work in this video:   Inspiring others I first came across her work today, via @Hippystitch, who attended oneContinue reading “Embroidery, #threaduary & light: Marna Lunt”

Photography: Jacques Henri Lartique (15 mins)

If you like simplicity and pale colour palette in pictures – then check out this video showing a catalogue of the work of French photographer Jacques Henri Lartique from the book “Lartique: Life in Color” by Martine D’Astier and Martine Ravache Much of the subtle colour palette comes from his use of the Autochrome process.  I imagineContinue reading “Photography: Jacques Henri Lartique (15 mins)”

Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York

Kristy Glass, vlogger knitter interviews the creators of the book “I knit New York” and follows the photo shoot for this book – which is chockfull of architecture designs into knitting. Knitted designs include: 42nd and Lex (the Chrysler building) as a cardigan   Interviewed: Kirsten Kapur @throughtheloops on Instagram Kathleen Dames @KathleenDames on InstagramContinue reading “Knitting and Architecture: I knit New York”

Sudden Life Changes – Michelle Obama

The bookshops are full of Michelle Obama’s autobiography: “Becoming”.  Here is an audio recording of her reading her own words (on BBC), recording the start of what it was like to become First Lady.  Click here to access audio recording, if you live in the UK.  (I’m not quire sure how you’d access this, ifContinue reading “Sudden Life Changes – Michelle Obama”