ART: Steve Martin at MOMA

Missing being able to pop into an art gallery these days? Try this – viewing 2 pieces from MOMA with actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin words and video on MOMA site here. As Steve looks at the pictures, which seem to be abstract art, he gets a whole new insight into one of them. As he says,Continue reading “ART: Steve Martin at MOMA”

Name digital picture files for easy retrieval

This is just one good way to label digital picture files, as practiced by professional photographer, Michael Greco. Notice, I’m just suggesting it as one good idea – the video clip itself is titled “The World’s Best File Naming System” – and this raised the heckles of commenters on the comments section.  Some were inContinue reading “Name digital picture files for easy retrieval”

Glass half full?

In a canyon, in a cavern, with a Kenyon, Cindertalk plays his water glasses, “Spero”. Recording Notes The uploader of the video wrote of the recording, on Youtube: “We should have known Jonny had a good system for transporting his wine glasses. They were secure, affixed to a custom case. At airports he checks themContinue reading “Glass half full?”

Music, architecture, Linocut – Angela Cavalieri (13 mins)

Angela was awarded a fellowship to research – she brought together the music of Claudio Monteverdi and the engravings of Giovanni Battista Piranesi into 2 huge linocuts:   The scale of the work is impressive.  In some parts of the video, she is shown lying on one side on a pillow, so that she is able toContinue reading “Music, architecture, Linocut – Angela Cavalieri (13 mins)”

Cecil Collins: painting angels and fools

Cecil Collins combines sombre, serious tones of voice and paint with beautiful and occasionally joyful images and words, in this rather melancholic but thoughtful documentary “One pair of eyes”.  In particular, he paints angels. “What my painting really is: a response to the miracle, wonder and the mystery of life” This documentary is fascinating toContinue reading “Cecil Collins: painting angels and fools”

Preparing to create: Instrumental Music

I’m always on the hunt for good pieces of instrumental music, because I find it gives me creative space: I can be writing words and generally being creative, without someone else’s lyrics breaking in with their thoughts.  The right music gives me a background and sense of pace.  So here’s a new album for myContinue reading “Preparing to create: Instrumental Music”