Pin Animation

How many animations can you make on the head of a pin??  Well, here's one.... Son Lux - Change is Everything.


Clearing up after the party – animation

cartoon, housecleaning, after party

Betty Boop struggles to clear up after yesterday's party.  Fortunately, her inventor friend, Gramps, has some inventive ideas.  I especially like way he deals with laundry. The sound and picture may seem a little dated and scratchy - but what do you expect from a lady who's 80 years old?  It's still got energy …

Screenwriting Masterclass: Phil Lord and Chris Miller

creative pledge

Phil Lord and Chris Miller, screenwriters or producers on such diverse projects as "The Lego Movie", "21 Jump Street", "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs", TV's "How I met your Mother" (3 episodes), "The Lego Batman movie".... give a masterclass on screenwriting and producing.  They break it up really well.  So although they speak for …

“Weather the Storm” Short Musical Animation

"Weather the Storm" by Trunk & Radish Pictures is just exquisite animation short set to  a song, examining a difficult time - in this case, bereavement, in under 5 minutes.  Unsurprisingly, it won an award in the 2016 British Animation Awards. I heard the most wonderful quote recently from a TV presenter, Sandi Toksvig, …