LAMENT: Writing in the Moment

Frank O’Hara, New York poet, wrote in the moment.  He responded to the deaths of well-known celebrities – if his poems had anything, they had “immediacy”.  But this dashed off almost fresh from your journal page feel, paid tribute to performers whose fame would carry on long past their death: James Dean, Billie Holiday. WritingContinue reading “LAMENT: Writing in the Moment”

HUMOUR: Writing Exercise

This morning, I went around the house, seeking a writing perch for my pen, journal, pot of ink, coffee, and laptop.  I took the materials out of storage in one place, nearly settled in the living room – before finally choosing the kitchen table, trying to gather my accoutrements before realising another was missing, andContinue reading “HUMOUR: Writing Exercise”

WRITING: Book Launch Successful

As a writer, I am delighted to find the “Book Launch” podcast by Tim Grahl, who helps authors build their platform and market their books.  Here’s why: Tim has had 5 authors in the NY Times bestselling booklist in the same week there are episodes on so many useful topics Tim comes across as a decentContinue reading “WRITING: Book Launch Successful”

WRITING: Getting a Literary Agent….

Written a book and want to query with an agent?  The email accompanying your book proposal should be short and simple – advice from Bookends Literary Agents in this 8 minute video.   All through February, Bookends Literary Agency will be giving advice on how to approach an agent with your manuscript – dos andContinue reading “WRITING: Getting a Literary Agent….”

On Blog Milestones

via On Milestones  Congratulations to Marriss, who has completed a quilting blog post a week for 2 years now! Quilting itself is a curating of bringing together different materials, a bit like a blog – only more dimensional, time-consuming and skilfull – so congrats on doing both! I doff my unquilted, poorly knitted hat toContinue reading “On Blog Milestones”

1,000 posts!

This is our 1,000th post, & Counting! Thank you for being part of this by your visit – do stay a moment and have a look through what is now a generously sized magazine online on creativity and how to make more and enjoy more. There are hundreds of posts on many different arts andContinue reading “1,000 posts!”

First 10 comedy pages

If you want to write comedy for the UK market – you’ll want to hear this podcast: Sitcom Geeks.  In a recent episode, (No. 126) there is great specific advice on making the first 10 pages of your script outstandingly good. Sitcom Geeks is a fortnightly podcast by James Cary (Miranda) and Dave Cohen (HorribleContinue reading “First 10 comedy pages”