Alexandra Kingswell: Quilting and Maths


Alexandra Kingswell mixes Fibonacci sequence, Pi and vibrant colours in ways which make your eyes and spirit sing. Her infectiously joyous colours and patterns are derived from mathematical equations - do you know anyone else who enthuses about the pattern formed at "some 544 decimal places into Pi..? Her website is a treat of inspiration …


Why is Haute Couture so cheap?

Working from a 2D flat 1939 Christian Dior Design, a skilfull dressmaker, Domenique Erb,  takes proportions, measurements, then drapes, pins and sews muslin on a dressmaker's bodyform dummy to bring it to 3D life as a template for an evening gown. Why do Couture garments cost so much? Well, once you've viewed this video, …

Billboards for… poetry

billboards, poetry, Micah Purnell, Manchester, meditation

Micah Purnell has put his poetry on billboards in a project "Dear Progress". He meditates on progress - and what it's doing for us as a society. Displayed in Manchester.