Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons

Gerald Scarfe, well known UK political cartoonist, whose artwork appeared for decades in the satirical magazine “Private Eye”, 40+ years at the Sunday Times, 20 years in the New Yorker, made a pop impression in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album, on British stamps of Comedians, on backdrops for major Ballet and drama productions – hasContinue reading “Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons”

“You should buy art because…

… you like the thing you’re buying.” Quote from clothes Designer, Paul Smith, in this engaging film about buying art.  He buys across a wide range of artists and price ranges, impulsively, in reponse to the pieces.  And this is what he personally advocates as a buying technique. Youtube video by Sotheby’s   Creative TakeawayContinue reading ““You should buy art because…”

Joe Cunningham, male quilter

Joe Cunningham is a quilter, who has been inspired by Gee’s Bend.  In a video which mixes his own amazing style, he meets, pays tribute to the women quilters at Gee’s Bend and joins them in quilting. “I’m trying to be free by making quilts and it seemed to me that they had very freeContinue reading “Joe Cunningham, male quilter”

Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn

A good coffee shop is a thing of beauty, a place to read, type, meet friends, eat, chat, discuss….. here’s one very handmade one in New York. The Digital Distillery Inc shot the short promo and wrote: The owner, Yasser “Max” Habib, shares with us his story about how he conceptualized, designed—and even handcrafted everythingContinue reading “Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn”

Happy Birthday, Kaffe Fassett!

Here is Kaffe talking about his needlepoint (he designs for Ehrman tapestry) – and his love of making designs for interiors, as they are then like a window on a fantasy world.   He begins by showing a couple of waistcoats for men which he designed: and demonstrates how he sketches a design of anContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Kaffe Fassett!”

Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett

This 5 minute video lets Kaffe Fassett describe in his inimitable, colourful way, how he discovered knitting and brought his painterly eye to it, bringing a wave of colour into 1980s knitting in Britain. Also, don’t miss another post on this blog about quilting here.  Both these videos are recorded in his home, which isContinue reading “Knitting Inspiration: Kaffe Fassett”

Alexandra Kingswell: Quilting and Maths

Alexandra Kingswell mixes Fibonacci sequence, Pi and vibrant colours in ways which make your eyes and spirit sing. Her infectiously joyous colours and patterns are derived from mathematical equations – do you know anyone else who enthuses about the pattern formed at “some 544 decimal places into Pi..? Her website is a treat of inspirationContinue reading “Alexandra Kingswell: Quilting and Maths”

Why is Haute Couture so cheap?

Working from a 2D flat 1939 Christian Dior Design, a skilfull dressmaker, Domenique Erb,  takes proportions, measurements, then drapes, pins and sews muslin on a dressmaker’s bodyform dummy to bring it to 3D life as a template for an evening gown. Why do Couture garments cost so much? Well, once you’ve viewed this video, youContinue reading “Why is Haute Couture so cheap?”

Highlands Scotland contemporary jewellery

HP Jewellery makes contemporary lovely metallic accessories, in the middle of Inverness, Highlands, Scotland.  Yet available online. I have completely fallen in love with the cufflinks in the featured photo which should be appearing at the top of this post.  In case it doesn’t, I append it again – otherwise my deep appreciation will seemContinue reading “Highlands Scotland contemporary jewellery”