Living the Sound of Music

Intriguing – you can now listen to the “Sound of Music” without the music – simply the audio of what happens with the characters – storms, birdsong, phone ring…..

It looks like – and sounds like – this:

So, if you are an extreme fan of the film – or you just love living life to a dramatic soundtrack – then put this on in the background and live life as imagined in Austria in the 1940s.

Incidentally, I heard about this from Kate Young, a lady who bakes based on characters in books – from her Twitter feed – so it all fits perfectly within the remit of this blog – the arts interacting with life.  Here: cookery, writing, music, film, audio.

Kate’s book “The Little Library Cookbook” is published this October – details here:

(I now know what I want for Christmas).

2 minute Animation

Today, I saw the most amazing wee gem of an animation at the Edinburgh Film Festival, among a showcase of short animated films, for the Maclaren Prize.

It is animated typography.  It was joyous and positive and exciting, and completely stood out, for me.

The Director/maker adds this info:

Amy Johnson worked as a typist for a firm of solicitors before her record- breaking solo flight from Croydon to Australia in 1930. This film has been created with an Underwood 315 typewriter as a celebration of her journey.

Lizzy Hobbs is a name to watch, for future animation.

Note: the Maclaren prize is after Norman Maclaren, the great Scottish animator who made so many great works in the National Film Board of Canada.  You can see his joyful animation “Begone Dull Care”, posted on this blog, last summer here:


Hokusai – master artist/printmaker – exhibition

From 4 June, Documentary film “Hokusai” will be shown at selected cinemas in UK

25 May – 13 August Exhibition at British Museum “Hokusai – beyond the Great Wave”


The exhibition will include prints, paintings and illustrated books, many of which are on loan from Japan, Europe and the USA. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these extraordinary works together.                                 – British Museum

Cinemas showing the film include Inverness, Aberfeldy, Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Alnwick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Liverpool, Sheffield, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, London, Plymouth, Exeter, Swansea, Cardiff, Dublin, Cork……

Full list at: