ART: Steve Martin at MOMA

Missing being able to pop into an art gallery these days? Try this – viewing 2 pieces from MOMA with actor/comedian/writer Steve Martin words and video on MOMA site here. As Steve looks at the pictures, which seem to be abstract art, he gets a whole new insight into one of them. As he says,Continue reading “ART: Steve Martin at MOMA”

FILM: Emily Dickinson “A Quiet Passion”

I’ve just emerged, blinking, into daylight from spending/wasting 2 hours with Emily Dickinson in “A Quiet Passion” (director: Terence Davies). If you’re intending to watch it: sit in a fully darkened room so you can see what’s onscreen in the gloom don’t try it as a date night don’t watch it (unless you love IngmarContinue reading “FILM: Emily Dickinson “A Quiet Passion””

A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika

Waruni Anuruddhika, an independent Sri Lankan film maker , art photographer and researcher,   has very kindly given permission to share her poem and picture. A dragonfly at the dawn ! At the edge of water , I forgot myself … © Waruni Anuruddhika 2017 via A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika YouContinue reading “A Dragonfly at the dawn ! — Waruni Anuruddhika”

1,000 posts!

This is our 1,000th post, & Counting! Thank you for being part of this by your visit – do stay a moment and have a look through what is now a generously sized magazine online on creativity and how to make more and enjoy more. There are hundreds of posts on many different arts andContinue reading “1,000 posts!”

Andy Warhol eats a hamburger

Stop me if you’ve seen this before – but I’ll be amazed if you have – a short film of Andy Warhol eating a hamburger (although foodie pedants will be shouting “it’s a BEEFburger!”).  Jorgen Leth travelled from Sweden with a film crew to capture the moments. Why?  Well, it was part of a setContinue reading “Andy Warhol eats a hamburger”

Terry Gilliam

Animator, Python (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) and film-maker, Terry Gilliam, was invited earlier in the year to select favourite films. Given the run of Criterion’s DVD Closet, he excitedly chose: Yojimbo RIFIFI The complete Jaques Tati A box-set of Ingmar Bergman 8 1/2 (which he says is a great truthful insight into being a Director)Continue reading “Terry Gilliam”

Beginning Art Criticism: Brian Sewell

Brian Sewell is a legendary English art critic – in 7 minutes, he gives useful starting points for looking at art, whether for professional work or personal enjoyment:    Go into a large gallery and find one picture which makes you pause.  Spend time with that one. Compare the same theme done by different artistsContinue reading “Beginning Art Criticism: Brian Sewell”

Artist: Faith Ringgold

“You can’t wait for someone to say who you are, you need to write it and paint it and DO it” – Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold, artist/writer has a retrospective touring exhibition currently at the Serpentine Gallery in London right now – but ’twas not ever thus.  When she began taking her paintings to galleriesContinue reading “Artist: Faith Ringgold”