First 10 comedy pages

If you want to write comedy for the UK market – you’ll want to hear this podcast: Sitcom Geeks.  In a recent episode, (No. 126) there is great specific advice on making the first 10 pages of your script outstandingly good. Sitcom Geeks is a fortnightly podcast by James Cary (Miranda) and Dave Cohen (HorribleContinue reading “First 10 comedy pages”

Terry Gilliam

Animator, Python (Monty Python’s Flying Circus) and film-maker, Terry Gilliam, was invited earlier in the year to select favourite films. Given the run of Criterion’s DVD Closet, he excitedly chose: Yojimbo RIFIFI The complete Jaques Tati A box-set of Ingmar Bergman 8 1/2 (which he says is a great truthful insight into being a Director)Continue reading “Terry Gilliam”

Film: Stranger than Fiction (2006)

Recommended viewing – intriguing comedy.  Harold Crick begins to hear a voice narrating his life.  Is he in control of his life?  Or is someone else deciding his fate? In “Stranger than fiction” we follow Harold through his search to find the truth.  The script and situation is witty, with its key actors grabbing theContinue reading “Film: Stranger than Fiction (2006)”

Health & Safety Film: Shoes

Comedy: Having designated Friday evenings as “Health & Safety Film Evenings”, we at ,& relax by having a staff showing of a Health & Safety Film by a figment of our imagination: the unintentionally comic Professor Mal Archaic.   Professor Mal Archaic:  Yes, revellers, once again we come to the end of a working weekContinue reading “Health & Safety Film: Shoes”

Health & Safety Film: Football results

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night once more at ,&.  We roundoff each work week with a joyful piece of imaginative comedy.  Professor Mal Archaic is a fictional character we have invented and let loose with a comedy video clip which he interprets in an over-serious way.  Hark!  A knock at the doorContinue reading “Health & Safety Film: Football results”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Teatotallism

This being a Friday, once again, we welcome our resident Health & Safety Film Expert to the podium. Professor Mal Archaic: Thank you very much.  Yes, tonight we broach a subject not for the faint-hearted: the perils of tea drinking.  If you are startled by the sound of sudden laughter in social settings, brace yourself.Continue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Teatotallism”

Health & Safety – clothes

COMEDY: Friday night is Health and Safety Film Night here at ,& where we turn over the page/station/magazine/blog to a certain Prof Mal Archaic for an evening.  The fact that he is a figment of our collective imagination does not deter him from turning in a faultless performance as an overly-conscientious academic. Professor Mal Archaic:Continue reading “Health & Safety – clothes”

Health & Safety: Working conditions

Frightday Night is Health & Safety Film Night here at Comma And (also the spell checker’s nmight orf).  It’s the time when the staff kick back, put their feet up on the chair in front, and let Professor Mal Archaic drone on  introduce a new film on Health & Safety.  Well known for having mislaidContinue reading “Health & Safety: Working conditions”

Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Gorillas with guns

On Friday evenings at ,&, we let down our hair, loosen our stays and generally relax with a bowl of popcorn, and a Health & Safety Film introduced by our very serious Film Selector, Professor Mal Archaic.  Here he is with the latest warning. Professor Mal Archaic: Greetings, fellow survivors of the twenty-first century.  NotContinue reading “Friday Night is Health & Safety Film Night: Gorillas with guns”