How galleries help artists – Tim Marlow

Tim Marlow is both an experienced art historian, broadcaster, former Director with the renowned London art gallery, the White Cube (and now Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London). Back in 2014, he takes 6 minutes to give his advice on UK artists wanting to ‘make it’ – and how a galleryContinue reading “How galleries help artists – Tim Marlow”

3 actions to begin writing

One of the most infuriating – but true – pieces of advice which I received multiple times from a writer friend is this: “Writers write”.  When I was first beginning to think of writing, very unconfident and overthinking the whole thing – he would listen to my questions on the whole process – and especiallyContinue reading “3 actions to begin writing”

Film Shorts

How do you get feedback when you’ve made a short film/video?  Perhaps made for college – once you’ve sent it round the Film Festival circuit – where next? Check out a Facebook group: “Short Film Sharer.” It gives space to get feedback for films viewable online – and of course seeing what other filmmakers haveContinue reading “Film Shorts”

Into painting Community

If you’ve been painting for a while and would like to learn some more tips and tricks on practical elements, or just to get to know the artists in your community – I recommend going to an “artist’s talk”.  These are often run by a gallery around the time of a new exhibition and areContinue reading “Into painting Community”

Too late to start?

I like and admire this post, which I came across on Twitter, from Mary Cecilia Jackson: I started writing what I WANTED to write at 54. Began with picture books. They sucked hard core. Found my YA voice at 56. Got an agent when I was 59. (It was HARD.) My debut comes out inContinue reading “Too late to start?”

Orla Kiely – Pattern Design

  You can see her draw her iconic Stem design if you have access to BBC i-Player in the UK, at For everyone else, here it is:   Creative Takeaway “Ditsy-Tulip” runs a sewing vlog – here she wears an Orla Kiely fabric dress, and runs through a good range of books on howContinue reading “Orla Kiely – Pattern Design”

Beginning to Blog in 2019

If you have a friend who has a new year resolution to start a blog in 2019, then please recommend Problogger and Melyssa Griffin to them. Problogger “the home for those wanting to start a blog, create great content and grow their blogs and then go professional to make money blogging” has a website with tons ofContinue reading “Beginning to Blog in 2019”

Writing poetry in lunchtime: Frank O’Hara

One way to find time to write poetry while working full-time, is to write in your lunch-hour.  Frank O’Hara did.  Even with a hangover. Some of his poems begin by noting the time (his lunch hour seems to have been 12 to 1 pm) and then he simply says what he’s doing, eating, feeling andContinue reading “Writing poetry in lunchtime: Frank O’Hara”