Writing poetry in lunchtime: Frank O’Hara

One way to find time to write poetry while working full-time, is to write in your lunch-hour.  Frank O'Hara did.  Even with a hangover. Some of his poems begin by noting the time (his lunch hour seems to have been 12 to 1 pm) and then he simply says what he's doing, eating, feeling and …


Encouragement for a young actress

A blast of thoughts and ideas for a new actress starting out

Getting Started Writing Poetry as a Career – Simon Armitage

Simon Armitage, poetry, writing, inspiration, tips

Simon Armitage, a living writing poet, talks about his writing in 2010, and gives practical tips for writing poetry. "I've always been interested in poetry because it's so powerful: so few words, space on the page, and all around it.  So there's an intensity there that I admire." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXVZseBCfiM Getting keen to write His main …