FOOD: Poor Man’s Feast

Clara, who came through the financial Great Depression in America, shows us how to cook with very simple ingredients, as were used then. Along the way, she talks of how people coped then, with imagination and simple enjoyments. This is a wonderful antidote to today’s frantic, consumer society and throwaway culture. Everything in Clara’s kitchenContinue reading “FOOD: Poor Man’s Feast”

1,000 posts!

This is our 1,000th post, & Counting! Thank you for being part of this by your visit – do stay a moment and have a look through what is now a generously sized magazine online on creativity and how to make more and enjoy more. There are hundreds of posts on many different arts andContinue reading “1,000 posts!”

Scones without tears

I love eating scones – but the supply of them has become difficult for me. There is nothing like a fresh, homemade scone.  And most scones sold in coffee shops seem to me to taste nothing like homemade.  Yes, some are made fresh on the premises, but they have an aftertaste perilously like powdery readymadeContinue reading “Scones without tears”

Love, memory, making

Today, I was absolutely stunned by a blog post on “Kitchen Vignettes” which combined memories of a much-missed mother with her signature summer recipe, together with a video of the daughter picking the fruit and making the dessert.  There is a beautiful response on the blog post which says: “The video stunning (because you weaveContinue reading “Love, memory, making”

Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn

A good coffee shop is a thing of beauty, a place to read, type, meet friends, eat, chat, discuss….. here’s one very handmade one in New York. The Digital Distillery Inc shot the short promo and wrote: The owner, Yasser “Max” Habib, shares with us his story about how he conceptualized, designed—and even handcrafted everythingContinue reading “Coffee Shop: Milk & Honey, Brooklyn”