The fun of flight – Cecil Day-Lewis

We begin our 5 minutes with Cecil Day-Lewis, poet, as he gives his sober answer to the big question on how poets can earn a living – lower any expectations of any earnings (He himself earned a living from teaching, lecturing and writing detective novels; he had to self-publish his first book of poetry). Then he reads aContinue reading “The fun of flight – Cecil Day-Lewis”

British Art at War – Paul Nash Originally shown in September 2014 (which may explain a possible sense of deja vue) – the always excellent art presenter/explainer Andrew Graham-Dixon takes us through the life and work of Paul Nash. The programme lasts for an hour and is available to see on BBC i-player for 23 days.  We get a chance to notContinue reading “British Art at War – Paul Nash”

Berenice Abbott – New York 1930s

Berenice Abbott, inspired by the work of Eugene Atget (see yesterday’s blog post) begins serious work cataloguing New York in the 1930s, along the way receiving the Federal Art Project sponsorship (1935-39). She photographs the fish markets, the rag merchants, the foundations of the Rockefeller Centre as it is built, the ziggurat like new skyscrapers,Continue reading “Berenice Abbott – New York 1930s”

Where a good book might take you….

An amazing point of view and real-life account from the Reader Magazine… I reproduce it here in full because it is powerful and worth hearing.  It is a long read, several pages. Erwin James: Where A Good Book Might Take You… In prison you exist on dreams, nightmares and fantasies. When you are locked and isolatedContinue reading “Where a good book might take you….”

Roy de Maistre – painter, Australian

His name sounds French, but he was Australian. He studied art and music at the same time, and from this, worked out a way to link musical scale to colour. Then converted to Roman Catholic and painted many pictures based on his faith and the Bible. I like this still-life in the Tate, forContinue reading “Roy de Maistre – painter, Australian”

Food Photography to make you dribble

“What Katie Ate” is a blog which became a book. And when you look at the pictures online, you can see why.  If you are trying to eat less, do NOT read this blog.  It will make you suddenly very very hungry.  Check out below… or buy the books “What Katie Ate” and “WhatContinue reading “Food Photography to make you dribble”

Space of Silence – architecture

  Modern minimalist architecture (John Pawson) meets Bohemian restoration architecture in the establishment of a new Trappist community. The new build complements the old one – everywhere there is simplicity, a creamy whiteness with a few touches of wood and stone. (The entire documentary lasts 26 minutes, but you can watch substantially less andContinue reading “Space of Silence – architecture”