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Cooking and Art

Cooking with J W Turner, Rachel Khoo composes a pickled treat.

Sitting in the gallery, she sketches ingredients suggested by the picture, works on them in her kitchen – and eats the result (see video by Tate Galleries, below)


Creative Takeaways

Having watched the video – is there a favourite picture/painting you have?

How about sketching what ingredients the picture suggests to you – and then experimenting with them, to see what it produces – as Rachel Khoo does?


Linocuts into body art temporary Tattoos

Tian Gan, a graphic designer is experimenting with making her linocut and rubber stamp works into temporary tattoos.  Form an orderly queue please, no shoving at the back.

The 2 different style sheets you can choose from are:

Screen shot 2017-08-22 at 10.57.37

Appropriately, these items are found on her website filed under “other awesomeness“:

The tattoo sheets are coming out in mid-September 2017, but you can pre-order now.  Sale price is in Swedish Kroner: 60 Kroner (approx $10, £7.50) – but I don’t know details and costs of shipping.  I suggest you head over to her website or facebook page for details.

Reader, I was about to tuck into some toast when I found her designs and the result was cold toast and jaw dropped.  I think she has got a winner on her hands – or arms – here. (In this picture she is wearing a mix of both style sheets, so if you want the exact same look, you have to buy both.)  Tian is a woman of good styling, as the first few comments I read were (like myself) keen to know just where she got the shirt, which she has rolled up in the first picture!  If you are keenly enjoying her stylings as well as art, she does have a Pinterest account – for yet further awesomeness.


All pictures and info from Tian’s own website

Thing of Beauty – Silver Jewellery

Don’t ever say I don’t point out luxurious beautiful things which you don’t need but will fall in love with, and find you need:

Emma Ginnever produces just such beautiful jewellery – some of it bespoke for weddings, much of it just gorgeous gifts…. for others, or for yourself, depending on the amount of love and bank balance you have.

Dear Santa:

if any of the above should happen to fall under my Christmas tree, with my name on them well, they wouldn’t be turned away…


Quilt making 101

If you’d like a guide in making a quilt, let me introduce you to “atree3”, (Margaret Fabrizio) a fascinating woman with a passion for quiltmaking and a sense of verve about living life.  Lesson one: a couple of minutes with a camera moving about a bit much, but persevere – or jump to next video – it gets better.

(This covers the first 3 days of the quilt… deciding what to aim for, which fabrics to use…)

Next, in video 2, with calming camerawork, 2 minutes of deciding to just go freeform, (more…)

Upcycling clothes scraps to Fashion

Zero Waste Daniel is a brand who take the material scraps thrown away by clothes manufacturers – and stitches them together into new garments, for sale.

Yes – I know – it’s called patchwork.  It’s been done by cost conscious mums down the centuries trying to eke out the life of a garment with patches, or make a new outfit from the salvaged parts of older garments which had worn through in places.  Hippies in the 1970s brought in a wave of patchwork clothes, and now a new generation even happier with clashing patterns, is discovering the delight of making the most of resources, trying not to throw away any raw material.

What I like about this story

  • I love that Daniel had made a heart-based decision to give up on the pressured unreal evening garment industry – but that at that point, he found a new purpose.
  • The new purpose wasn’t a million miles away from his existing skills and vocation, it was simply a new way of doing it.  More productive and less waste.
  • … but he wouldn’t have found the new without being willing to let go of the old way
  • The workers in the story are given a living wage.
  • The garments are made to order exactly to your measurements (via online or in the store)
  • the clients get to meet those sewing their outfit
  • there are “mosaics” available – portraits of famous people made out of cloth fabrics
  • it is carried out with style – it takes a keen design eye to piece together contrasting fabrics

See a little bit more, right here:


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I’m feeling inspired – how can I start sewing a Quilt?

Glad you asked, Lesson 1 coming up next….



Get well card writing

Just came across this masterclass in what to write in a cheering up card (I must have had a flu bug or something, nothing serious) – sent to me 8 years ago from a funky friend – still makes me smile:

“Darling Sicko,

May your world be a sunnier spot very soon.

May all your enemies get it worse than you, and may your staunchest friends win great fortunes at the Bookies this very day.

Now close your peepers, you have dreamt this eeepistle.

If you can’t take up yer bed and walk, then take up yer pen and scribble.

Feel better but quick”