Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV

Tao Lui took this snap – he began street photography as a way to relieve the repetitiveness of his work as a water meter reader in China.  (Aha – the continuing conversation between life and art, as this blog logo says). Much more of his story and pictures over at Colossal  website Uncanny Moments on theContinue reading “Duck 3 ways: photo, film, TV”

Raise a glass….

Recently, a friend, hearing of the death of a celebrity known for harsh sweeping statements as well as beautiful writing and encouragement, wasn’t sure how to feel about it – and pondered to me: “not sure whether to raise a glass or set it firmly down.” I’ve thought about this.  My view is, when in doubt,Continue reading “Raise a glass….”

A A Gill quotes

2 great media quotes – picked as my favourite thought-provokers from the page of favourites picked by the Guardian I don’t know how long a child will remain utterly static in front of the television, but my guess is that it could be well into their thirties.   Freedom of speech is what all otherContinue reading “A A Gill quotes”

Gravy 2 ways

1)A 2 minute audio excerpt from classic Hancock (for those of you listening on the black and white wireless) on the subject of spectacularly poor cooking:   2) And another viewpoint on gravy – a poem – viewable in book “Essential Poems from the Staying Alive Trilogy” edited by Neil Astley and at blog reading “Gravy 2 ways”

Avant-garde Fashion: + and –

Project Runaway is a TV unreality show where fashion designers compete to win a fashion show at New York Fashion Week.  They are set a series of stretching challenges in impossible deadlines.  One recurring is to produce avant-garde. Here are the best (+)       and for those of us who like a laugh… theContinue reading “Avant-garde Fashion: + and –”

Rauschenberg’s rules of art

Robert Rauschenberg was renown for breaking expected rules – but the Tate have pulled out some ‘rules’ from his work in their extensive current exhibition of his works: Learn from everything and anything Collaborate, share and be generous Use your body, see where things take you Use what inspires you (“A pair of socks isContinue reading “Rauschenberg’s rules of art”

30 mins hanging out with Native American poet

Came across this small, independent film recently, of Jim Northrup.  In the film, he takes us the viewer through his experience of living from nature, the seasons, and we sit in the audience as he story tells through poems.  Engaging, intriguing, entertaining – and enlivened by questions and answers.,239 “Jim Northrup with reservations”  Film byContinue reading “30 mins hanging out with Native American poet”