Caravaggio brought to life

The paintings of Renaissance painter are brought to life in this videoed performance of tableaux vivants: acting, sculpture and painting together. For me, this is a giant confirmation of Andrew Graham-Dixon’s comments in his lecture (in Edinburgh 2018) that Caravaggio was so immersed in sculpture, that he painted lifelike depictions of real bodies in realContinue reading “Caravaggio brought to life”

Glass half full?

In a canyon, in a cavern, with a Kenyon, Cindertalk plays his water glasses, “Spero”. Recording Notes The uploader of the video wrote of the recording, on Youtube: “We should have known Jonny had a good system for transporting his wine glasses. They were secure, affixed to a custom case. At airports he checks themContinue reading “Glass half full?”

Do artists change how we look at life?

Eugene Peterson, spiritual thinker and writer, gives one interesting example of how an artist changed what he saw, in one part of his life.   Television vs Homemade vs Fine Art This short clip made me wonder about his comment that artists help us see afresh by us actively seeking them, whereas television presents andContinue reading “Do artists change how we look at life?”

Exhibition Review: Margaret Tait “The Days Never Seem the Same”

Margaret Tait, an independently visioned film-maker if ever there was one, is being featured (in a joint exhibition with photographer Gunnie Moberg) at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh – ends this Sunday.  Recommended. Here is one of her early films: a portrait of her mother, granny or “ga”, who comes across as very much a woman ofContinue reading “Exhibition Review: Margaret Tait “The Days Never Seem the Same””

Recommended Prime Viewing “I am not your Negro” – James Baldwin

Currently free to watch on Prime Video, do not miss the opportunity to watch the documentary “I am not your negro” by James Baldwin.  It conjures up the period of history in 1960s America when the Civil Rights movement was at its height.  James Baldwin is an excellent communicator, debater, writer, playwright and commentator –Continue reading “Recommended Prime Viewing “I am not your Negro” – James Baldwin”

Decluttering gently and naturally

The Internet is itself cluttered with Professional Declutterers –  with videos of fiercely energetic bright-eyed professional Organisers who produce rigid programmes of Decluttering which suit their own list-driven, cool and emotionless Purges.  They are usually shown on video solo, in their strictly minimalist homes (with the emphasis on ‘list’) and have barely concealed contempt and pityContinue reading “Decluttering gently and naturally”