Wally Funk, Music & Moon Landing

I’ve just been listening to a terrific BBC6 (UK radio station) special one hour programme on space to celebrate 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing.  It’s done in a magazine-type format, with short reports on a variety of topics by well-known British music and broadcasting voices. We begin with Brian Eno (composer/musician) and BrianContinue reading “Wally Funk, Music & Moon Landing”

How galleries help artists – Tim Marlow

Tim Marlow is both an experienced art historian, broadcaster, former Director with the renowned London art gallery, the White Cube (and now Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts in London). Back in 2014, he takes 6 minutes to give his advice on UK artists wanting to ‘make it’ – and how a galleryContinue reading “How galleries help artists – Tim Marlow”

Artist: Faith Ringgold

“You can’t wait for someone to say who you are, you need to write it and paint it and DO it” – Faith Ringgold Faith Ringgold, artist/writer has a retrospective touring exhibition currently at the Serpentine Gallery in London right now – but ’twas not ever thus.  When she began taking her paintings to galleriesContinue reading “Artist: Faith Ringgold”

Textiles: Block Printing

I’ve found a video which “takes” you to India: not in reality but giving a sense of a country, a people, an art and a way of life. It’s joyous, short and yes it is by way of being an advert – but it makes me feel sunny and glowing, delighted to see traditionally skilledContinue reading “Textiles: Block Printing”

Bored Guitarists challenge

Is your house infested with one or more bored young guitarists this Summer?  Give them this as a challenge and before they know it, it’ll be back to school time (or back to work time, depending on their age). STYLE NOTES: it appears to be critical to have a firm if not sullen jawline throughout.

Young Poet: Feedback (UK)

If you’re under 25 years old and write poetry, you should check out the Young Poets Network.  Now.  Like now.  If not before.  You have the opportunity to get some feedback on a poem from the wonderful Caroline Bird.  (I’ve heard her perform, she’s great and was up for the Eliot Prize last year, whichContinue reading “Young Poet: Feedback (UK)”

Animation: “Bernina Sings”

I just came across this textile animation, as part of my over-research into publicity for a charity button sale in September.  (Standby for a tsunami of button-related blog posts comin’ atcha in the next wee while.) When I say that “Bernina” is a make of sewing machine, you begin to get the picture.  This good-humouredContinue reading “Animation: “Bernina Sings””

Film Review: Apollo 11

SPOILER ALERT: They landed on the moon. The film Apollo 11 is simply footage tied together with lots of audio recorded at the time and now made available – of one of the most famously recorded pieces of history.  (If you speak to children in their fifties, many of them will have been kept upContinue reading “Film Review: Apollo 11”