Sister Corita Kent

Great introductory video to Corita's work - CBS Video (still from prog above): In the last photo above, the video interviewer and a curator look at one of her posters, where she typically took a commercial slogan and let it be a jumping off part which helps think spiritually. ( She mixed contemporary logos, …


Percussion and Film Directing

  Mel Brooks, writer and director or many comedy films, said this, in a documentary on the making of “The Producers”: “The truth is, I began my career as a drummer, so rhythm is critical to me - the rhythm of a scene, the rhythm of singular performances, the rimshot of a joke. So As a …

Music matters

On farcebook, friend thanked me for CD of lullabies - which have been used in her house almost nightly since given, 13 years ago! I had NO idea. Interesting - what we give has longlasting (and often not known) consequences.