Watching paint move

Colour at work – 2 brief videos of artists making abstract art in huge canvases, in closeup, watching the colours react and interact. Continue reading Watching paint move


Sculptor, Lebanon

Saloua Raouda Choucair was in Paris in the 1940s at Ferdinand Legier’s studio. She has made vibrant pictures and sculptures made up of many small pieces which fit together. Photograph: Ray Tang/Rex/Shutterstock shown in Guardian review. Despite the second World War, despite living and working in Beirut during exploding car bombs (there is broken glass embedded in one of her canvases), she continued to work … Continue reading Sculptor, Lebanon

Gillian Ayres – interview

Gillian paints glorious, large, confident abstract canvases full of glowing colour – because she wants “intensity” rather than tone. In person, she appears rather the opposite – very quiet, unconfident about her skill, very down to earth, prosaic.  She is irritated by people’s determined search for meaning in her art – it is simply a visual experience – she wants them to simply look.  Probably … Continue reading Gillian Ayres – interview