Ceramics as touch-seeing: Beverley Bell Hughes

Here is an example of Beverley’s work:   If you’d like to see more of her work, Beverley currently has an exhibition at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre, called “Tidal Echoes”, until 15th September. Blind from birth, Beverley uses texture as a way of seeing. And here is a lovely 12 minute wordless video of how she find and makes the shapes:   Advertisements Continue reading Ceramics as touch-seeing: Beverley Bell Hughes

Film Review: “Radiance” (Hikari)

Spoiler alert: I’ve seen this film and am about to talk about it.  However, I suspect that not many of you will have seen this Japanese film, with subtitles.  It’s precisely the sort of quality foreign film you go to a film festival to get a chance to see.  Here’s its official trailer:

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Seeing with poetry (9 mins)

In this video, poet Ken Cockburn and artist Juliana Capes describe the great hall in the Scottish Portrait Gallery to a group of people with sight difficulties.  They use poetic descriptions as well as poetry in what seems to be a very successful fusion.  This and other similar events are organized by Artlink. This film is part of Artlink’s Investigate Create project, bringing artists and … Continue reading Seeing with poetry (9 mins)

“Dance is like thought”

Helen Keller, the famous blind/deaf writer, visits Martha Graham‘s dance studio rehearsal and responds. Although without hearing and unable to see, she responds with joy to a singer (holding her hand to the singer’s throat and cheek), drums and the sensation of the floor moving under her feet and the whoosh of the dancers circling her.   fuller story at https://www.brainpickings.org/2012/10/22/helen-keller-martha-graham/ Continue reading “Dance is like thought”