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Review: Neil Brand Presents Buster Keaton

Last night, I went to see a Buster Keaton movie, ably accompanied by his musical partner for the evening: Neil Brand. It was an early Christmas treat for me – and it was terrific in that quiet, enjoyable way of being served a delicious meal, where every course is a delight, but the chef isn’t in the room, waving his hands and being dramatic about … Continue reading Review: Neil Brand Presents Buster Keaton

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Action Gags – Buster Keaton

    (In the featured picture, Buster hitches a lift on a passing car, to escape the cops)  Less than 9 minutes to watch – inventive active jokes – with commentary showing how the comedy was built up.  A master class in film humour and slapstick. Interestingly, it traces Buster’s influence on the current generation of physical gag merchants – always good to go back … Continue reading Action Gags – Buster Keaton