Creative workspace: Roz Chast – cartoonist

In the recent post by New Yorker cartoon editor, he mentioned a cartoon by Roz Chast, very much part of the magazine for decades. Here are a few more of her creations:




Viewable on her website

You can also find her cartoons in her many books.

Her creative environment I find fascinating – there is such a range of interests and a strong love of craft.  Her personality comes across: angsty but finding comfort in drawing as a way to remember, a way to process – possibly a response to the fact that her parents didn’t talk about important things in life.  The actual workspace is quite simple: 2 filing cabinets full of drawings, plenty of paper, a well-lit desk space with drawing tools ready to hand.


Michael Leunig – cartoonist

… is new to me.  I saw one cartoon referred to by a friend of a friend, looked him up, found this wee gem on his website and found it uproariously funny, immediately.


from website


I’m not quite sure why it amuses me so much.

Possibly because, like the famous quip from Morecambe and Wise playing Greig – “it’s all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order.”