Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons

Gerald Scarfe, well known UK political cartoonist, whose artwork appeared for decades in the satirical magazine “Private Eye”, 40+ years at the Sunday Times, 20 years in the New Yorker, made a pop impression in Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” album, on British stamps of Comedians, on backdrops for major Ballet and drama productions – hasContinue reading “Gerald Scarfe: Audio Cartoons”

Art, books, & me me me

Today, I pockled (that is the official term for it, others might say ‘drifted’) through Waterstones, (for the benefit of overseas readers, Waterstones is a major chain of bookshops in the UK).  And here’s 2 things which jumped out at me almost immediately about modern culture: there’s a growing amount of books which are soundbitesContinue reading “Art, books, & me me me”

“I can’t draw a straight line”

Many people say “I can’t draw a straight line” – this is a great starting point, because there are very few in nature (except the horizon).  Have you tried the freedom of collage? Watch Rebecca Maloney collage a landscape, from a few lightly pencilled guide marks, using coloured paper from magazines.  And yes, she makes itContinue reading ““I can’t draw a straight line””

Art = “a fresh seeing”

If you know anyone who loves Matisse’s cutouts but says “I’m scared to make art” or “I dread old age”, show them this video.  Eunice Parsons is a vibrant, working collagist in her 90s. She works with huge pieces of paper, ripping them and rearranging them carefully into new, eye-popping pictures. (Note: she made thisContinue reading “Art = “a fresh seeing””

Starting Collage Paint Exercise 2

This simple exercise again begins with pasted paper base layer – in this case, patterned scrapbook paper – then builds layers of paint over it.  Einat Kessler is the tutor.  Like Bob Blast, it is very simple and all the materials are cheaply and easily purchasable in a craft or art store. This collage pieceContinue reading “Starting Collage Paint Exercise 2”

Paint and Collage: warmup exercise

Robert Burridge (Bob Blast) makes energetic, simple you-can-do-this collage exercises. Try this one, demonstrated in under 7 minutes.  It’s splashy, instinctive fun and results in a simple abstract. Materials used: black and white photocopies, a canvas or board surface, gel medium (used as ‘acrylic’ glue), generous wide brush, a favourite colour of acrylic paint, andContinue reading “Paint and Collage: warmup exercise”