How to make a photography exhibition

Paul Duke documented the decline of the fishing industry in the Moray Firth, with a series of life-size photos.  He tells the story of how he took those and made them into a whole exhibition.

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Quilting and the Community

OK, so this is a video hosted by giant company Google, applauding Youtube – BUT it’s still an amazing turnaround story: economically devastasted couple and village rejuvenated by – quilting classes online:  Missouri Star Quilts.

Long before I saw this video back story, I had seen Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt company in action on video, and was struck by how down to earth, warm and welcoming she was onscreen.  The quiltmaking taught was simple and yet effective. It needed to be.  I haven’t even learnt yet, was just attracted to watching the process and the putting together of various elements into a new form.  (ie much like curating a blog, the way that I do it.)  I had no idea that the business began from such difficulty.

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LifeBOOK: “Gee’s Bend: the Architecture of the Quilt”


Some books are fictional, some are what I’m going to call LifeBOOKs – books which help you read life.  Books you remember because they open doors, open eyes, make you see and understand things you didn’t before you opened the covers.  I hope to pull some of these down off my shelves and review them now and then.

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Giftings and art revitalising Community

I randomly came across an article today which startled me: “Death and Resurrection of an urban church” – in which a church in Indianapolis ditched its traditional-church charity one-way ‘handout to the poor’ approach to local community, to begin truly listening and valuing people in the neighbourhood and their gifts. After employing De’Amon Harges to be a “roving listener” – to hang out with people in the neighbourhood, … Continue reading Giftings and art revitalising Community

Light relief

Into the veil of tears which is BBC documentary TV, a sparkle of light, laughter, self-sacrifice, helping the poor, genuine cameraderie, joy, benefit to community and unfashionably long robes broke through, last night.  As you may guess from the clues, this involved followers of St Francis. Last night’s programme “Bronx to Bradford” following the lives of 5 friars in Bradford, was beautifully filmed, well edited, … Continue reading Light relief

Space of Silence – architecture

  Modern minimalist architecture (John Pawson) meets Bohemian restoration architecture in the establishment of a new Trappist community. The new build complements the old one – everywhere there is simplicity, a creamy whiteness with a few touches of wood and stone. (The entire documentary lasts 26 minutes, but you can watch substantially less and get a sense of the materials and specifics of the … Continue reading Space of Silence – architecture