14 affordable ways to start your own art collection

Would you like to have an art collection, without breaking the bank? Jump in!  If we wait until we have a fortune to buy original masterworks at Christie’s, then we might never get around to it.  There’s an energy about beginning to engage, not just standing back. Here are 14 ways to begin.  There are 7 summary tips (fuller details here) from the staff who bring … Continue reading 14 affordable ways to start your own art collection

start small – Gerhard Richter

Gerhard Richter works across a wide variety of textures and formats: painting over photographs, painting from photographs but blurring, mirrors, versions of a major Titian painting…… where do you even begin? On what basis do you choose your format? I choose depending on the way I feel; randomly, in other words. When I haven’t done anything for a long time, I always start small, on paper. … Continue reading start small – Gerhard Richter

The Little Art Museum who Could (and did)

I just came across this art museum in America who have been putting on shows of  Italian masters such as Michelangelo (2015), Caravaggio, da Vinci and currently, Botticelli “the Search for the Divine”. Can you guess which one?

Screen shot 2017-03-11 at 12.37.10.png

Admittedly, the title on this article is a giveaway that it’s NOT at a huge New York gallery… but it’s at the Muscarelle Museum of Art, in Williamsburg, Virginia.  The who?  The what? The where?

“We’re really punching above our weight class, being a modest-sized university museum,” says Muscarelle director and CEO Aaron De Groft. Under the leadership of De Groft and the Italian art scholar and curator Dr. John T. Spike, the small museum at the College of William & Mary has built up a track record over the past decade of ambitious shows of Italian old masters. Within its small footprint on campus, the Muscarelle has hosted shows dedicated to Michelangelo, Caravaggio, and da Vinci. “We’re taking on these great artists befitting of our ancient university,” De Groft says.


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Contemporary art opportunities

If you are interested and working in contemporary art – whether making the art, curating it or writing about it – then this website should throw out some opportunities for work anywhere in the world. https://www.artrabbit.com/artist-opportunities For example: residencies, travel funds for young makers of short films, open call for art in international festivals….. Continue reading Contemporary art opportunities