Photography: Dawoud Bey

Dawoud Bey, American street photographer has recorded a fascinating brief 6 minute interview with Pbs.  Fascinating because he is a great communicator, deep thinker (awarded a MacArthur “genius award” Fellowship, speaking in his sixties on a lifetime career photographing changes in America. He speaks on photography as a “transformative event” – “art has the capacity toContinue reading “Photography: Dawoud Bey”

Making art from a wheelchair

Chuck Close, in conversation,  describes his working process.  His interviewer is a particularly excellent interviewer and art commentator (and Artistic Director of the Royal Academy of Arts) – the knowledgeable and always watchable Tim Marlow. Chuck is known for his immense scale portraits, his work has sold internationally for decades.  Mid-career, he suffered a sudden catastrophic paralyzingContinue reading “Making art from a wheelchair”

Artist in Crisis – advice

“Crisis is a sieve which separates out the wheat from the chaff – It will play a decisive role in who keeps working and who falls by the wayside.” Chuck Close, painter and photographer   In this 3 minutes video, Chuck Close here speaks about crisis on a global scale, and what artists do at suchContinue reading “Artist in Crisis – advice”