Hugh Laurie

Health and Safety at Work: Awards Ceremonies

Professor Mal Archaic once again introduces our Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night.

Hello, bon soir, .  This evening, we tackle the problem of Awards Ceremonies.  All of a sudden, normally sane celebrities becomes moved to emotion, trips, falls, tears and unwarranted exclamations.  Or the temptation to appear more profound than usual.  Really, just the same as an graduation ceremony at a regional university, eh, what? what?

Let us examine the perils of Hugh Laurie – in action –


5 minutes with Stephen Fry (2009)


Quite. Possibly. The only person you’ve seen interviewed who warms up for it by quoting in Greek (the slogan for the US Post depot in New York).

Stephen Fry’s brain is a kind of encyclopaedia or Super Curator, which draws from a huge variety of sources of information, of culture, of history, and then connects them in a fascinating and relevant way into whatever topic is under discussion.

Interview questions include:

What’s it like to be Stephen Fry?

What is the favourite part of your career?

Are you ever starstruck?  (Oh yes, all the time… I remember when I met Martina Navratilova I could barely even speak)

One thing you would change about British life if you could?