First 10 comedy pages

If you want to write comedy for the UK market – you’ll want to hear this podcast: Sitcom Geeks.  In a recent episode, (No. 126) there is great specific advice on making the first 10 pages of your script outstandingly good. Sitcom Geeks is a fortnightly podcast by James Cary (Miranda) and Dave Cohen (HorribleContinue reading “First 10 comedy pages”

50 ways to improve your poems

The first version of your poem is a first draft.  It’s exciting to have written it – but how do you make it the best it can be?  How can you improve your chances of getting it published and read by others?    I’ve pulled together some great advice from poetry professionals. Simon Armitage –Continue reading “50 ways to improve your poems”

Getting to make good creative work

We probably all know this feeling – bright idea, got all the tools, set to work, make something which looks like something a 7 year old would make, and feel ludicrously disappointed.  Like giving up. But we’re just starting.  Ira Glass, in this well-known video confides what he wishes he had been told at theContinue reading “Getting to make good creative work”