Film Review: “Radiance” (Hikari)

Spoiler alert: I’ve seen this film and am about to talk about it.  However, I suspect that not many of you will have seen this Japanese film, with subtitles.  It’s precisely the sort of quality foreign film you go to a film festival to get a chance to see.  Here’s its official trailer:

Artist in Crisis – advice

“Crisis is a sieve which separates out the wheat from the chaff – It will play a decisive role in who keeps working and who falls by the wayside.” Chuck Close, painter and photographer   In this 3 minutes video, Chuck Close here speaks about crisis on a global scale, and what artists do at suchContinue reading “Artist in Crisis – advice”

Scandinavian home craft

Lotta Jansdotter has a worldwide reputation for handprinting patterns which are used on textiles, notebooks and household interiors. “Can’t find what you want?  Make it!  Don’t know how?  Learn it!” is how her website describes her pragmatic approach, much of her printing based on simple potato cut prints, in repeating patterns. Her fabrics are stocked byContinue reading “Scandinavian home craft”

Caution: A cup of tea can lead to poetry

Here’s the poem and here’s the real life cuppa and situation which inspired its writing: (the end of this video also includes her referring to a poem she didn’t like and made her own poem in response to.  Article at  )