Cartoon view of Medieval Art

Roz Chast takes us through her favourite type of art at the Met – Medieval paintings.  She has a distinctive eye and commentary.


Roz brings her humour to the pictures and a strong sense of where the artist is not quite sure if they’re good enough to draw certain parts of the picture – and how they cope with that.

The general effect is of going around a gallery with a witty companion who makes you snigger and yet wonder – but not be overawed by the art – to still see it as paintings done by humans, with very ordinary human concerns, as well as a sense of the exalted (most art of the time illustrates religious, biblical themes).



Norway Scotland Mosaic – Line Mortensen

Have you seen mosaics by Line Mortensen?  Line was born in Norway, now lives and works in Scotland, and uses many different materials in her work: French tiles, Italian smalti, slate, Scottish sea glass, semi precious stones…

mosaic-subcat-1.jpgThese create dazzling colours and gorgeous texture in her pieces – they are very sculptural and richly rewarding for the eyes.

As well as a few mosaic wall pieces per year, she also makes jewellery with mosaics or sea glass or tile (see pendants below).

If you’d like to see more of Line’s works, follow her on Facebook, and keep an eye out for her colourful stall:

Stall 2014-1.jpg

You can see more of Line’s designs and story over at her website:

Line will be exhibiting 27-29 October this year at York Racecourse,YO23 1EX, England at “Art&”.