Jim Jarmusch

Film “Paterson” – a mood poem

I’ve just watched “Paterson” – a Jim Jarmusch film about a bus driver who secretly writes poetry and delights in overheard conversation.  It’s a really gentle, observant film with not much action, but a lot of listening.  Here’s a really good summary of it by reviewer Mark Kermode, who sums it up as a ‘mood poem”



poetry film connections

You don’t go very far in looking at the arts before realising they are in constant conversation, inspiring one another.  Here is an example of a film/poetry connection – film maker Jim Jarmusch‘s tribute to the New York School of Poets, especially John Ashbery.

More recently, there has been an increase in the working between film and poetry.  That is, films which specifically illustrate or work with poems and visual resources to make something which works in harmony.

You can see earlier posts on film/poem combinations on this website – rather a lot in fact:

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If this mixture of art forms attracts you and you want to see a serious amount more such works – then don’t miss Alastair Cook‘s website.