Step 2 in beginning to write THAT novel/play/film

Following on from yesterday’s posted video, this one from Steve Pressfield – expands and explains how you write a one page summary of the entire project – and work from that plan.  (Allow 13 mins to watch video).

In this video, Steven shows you how to find the beginning, middle and ending of your story, pick the narrator’s point of view and the theme which will engage your readers. It’s like a road map for the whole project.

Please let me know if you’ve tried this new way of planning out writing – and if it’s helping!



Pouffe! Household furniture thing of beauty

You can have the world at your feet….. or take the weight of the world off your feet… with this pouffe.

Hot air balloons, butterflies and rivers are just some of the intricate patterns on this pouffe designed by Kristjana Williams.


Picture from maker’s website:

One of her largest scale commissions was a theatrical light projection for the Rio Olympics – for the beach fronted hotel Belmond Copacabana Palace.  Inspired by mapmaking and butterflies, it raised a spontaneous “wow” of delight and applause.  Before it appeared, there were butterfly balloons and kites given out on the beach.  (see a glimpse of it in this brief and beautiful one minute video).

Inside the hotel also contained more of her work, behind the reception desk and concierge desk:


If you’d like to see more of Kritjana’s work – or even, buy some – her website is:




Poetry landmarks of Britain

This map appears on the Poetry Society of Britain’s website – and you can click on the area you’re interested in, for details of poetry mags published there and literary landmarks…

(NB the map shown below is not clickable on, you have to go to the website to get the interactive version)