The Art of Conversation – Studs Turkel Archive

Basically, you need never be bored again.  An immense archive of  the great audio interviewer and social historian and researcher, Studs Turkel, speaking over 40 years with great thinkers, movers and shakers as well as people less famous – has been properly curated and placed online.  This is America, talking to itself, about its hopes andContinue reading “The Art of Conversation – Studs Turkel Archive”

Photography and democracy

This interesting website has just put its own words and pictures into print as a book The Public Image argues for a fundamental shift in understanding photography and public culture. In place of suspicions about photography’s capacity for distraction, deception, and manipulation, we suggest how it can provide resources for democratic communication and thoughtfulContinue reading “Photography and democracy”

Documentary film – George Stoney (13 mins video)

“We talk about films being a permanent record – my belief is that we’re all writing on sand” – documentary film-maker, George Stoney. He points out that archivists are desperately struggling to save film – and video – which all last so briefly (decades), on modern media storage systems which rapidly change format and also deteriorateContinue reading “Documentary film – George Stoney (13 mins video)”

Clive James and poetry

It’s going to sound odd to say that time spent with a man who knows he is dying is actually envigorating and shares life – but when the person is Clive James – well, it is. This half hour radio interview is a relaxed chat, but because Clive is so curious about all of life,Continue reading “Clive James and poetry”

Votes are in …50 Greatest Films of all time…

… arguably.  And indeed the very mention of this listing will spur hot debate. In 2012 BFI canvassed the opinions of  846 critics, reviewers and distributors for their votes.  After decades, Citizen Kane has been ousted from the number one spot.  So what else is in there?  Let the debate roll…. How many have you seen?  Still timeContinue reading “Votes are in …50 Greatest Films of all time…”

Powerful photographs

  War Photography by ace photographer Donald McCullin is revealed by Jacqui and David Morris film, “McCullin”. Worth watching (popped up one time on the BBC “Imagine” programme, may recur). Harold Evans, editor of the Sunday time, employing Don at the time: “Still photographs do have this strong affinity with the way we remember, so theContinue reading “Powerful photographs”