3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow

In just 3 minutes, Cory gives a handful of useful tips for writing:   these include: write 250 words a day (approx 1 page) and that will be the length of a novel, over a year train yourself to write anywhere and everywhere, resist developing a particular place and circumstances before you write write evenContinue reading “3 minutes -Writing Tips: Cory Doctorow”

Daily Discipline of an artist

Henri Matisse was a prolific artist – his firm daily discipline during his time at Riviera was: dawn: Club Nautique: row in canoe for 2 hours practise violin in apartment 9 a.m. start painting.  Work 3 hours. Lunchbreak.  Nap.  Then write correspondence – family and friends. 4 pm Restart painting, paint til daylight fades Draw withContinue reading “Daily Discipline of an artist”