Be wholly present (interview advice in 2 mins)

This advice is about getting over nerves in an audition or job interview… Emma Thompson and her actress mother are giving advice to drama students at the Scottish Conservatoire. ¬†They also refer to Phyllida’s husband Eric Thompson, actor, children’s TV presenter and adapter/narrator of “The Magic Roundabout” into English (from French). Emma brings her ownContinue reading “Be wholly present (interview advice in 2 mins)”

Thespian struggles with opening an unenveloped piece of paper….

Actors Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty are merely beginners¬†in fluffing reading lines from an opened envelope… (as performed at 2017 Oscars) Gifted actors can struggle with smaller tasks…. cue Phyllida Law, actress on this clip, watch the last minute, from 1 minute 30.