Frankenstein Handwriting

It’s possible to see the workings of a writer’s mind through manuscripts of how they wrote – e.g. Mary Shelley drafting “Frankenstein”

I want to be exhibited! if only…..

Brooklyn Art Library keeps a collection of sketchbooks submitted by drawers/painters like yourself.  You, yes you.  They take them and exhibit them for you.  Yes, you. Sign up by January 5th, 2018 for next year’s challenge. Send a sum of money to get a sketchbook sent to you, fill it, return. 2018 themes to chooseContinue reading “I want to be exhibited! if only…..”

Quilt making 101

If you’d like a guide in making a quilt, let me introduce you to “atree3”, (Margaret Fabrizio) a fascinating woman with a passion for quiltmaking and a sense of verve about living life.  Lesson one: a couple of minutes with a camera moving about a bit much, but persevere – or jump to next videoContinue reading “Quilt making 101”

A sigh is just a sigh…..

plenty of unspoken words in this classic film scene from “Casablanca”. Sighs is a fascinating topic, I found, as I accidentally switched on the radio on Monday in time to hear the 30 minute Radio 4 programme “The Sigh” by poet Imtiaz Dharker. Particularly interesting to me was her interview with Naya Tsentourou (anContinue reading “A sigh is just a sigh…..”