Delicate colour palette bigged up

Jessica Zoob paints gigantic canvases in delicate colours. How does scale influence a work or series of works? Continue reading Delicate colour palette bigged up


Another Way of Looking

Tatsuya Tanaka has been shaping everyday things into landscapes with miniature people figures…. this video is silent (why not have fun trying different background music to it).

See for more, many more, and there is a fresh picture Continue reading “Another Way of Looking”

Music and Neuroscience in 3 mins – Bobby McFerrin

Wherever he is in the world, Bobby McFerrin can get people making music with almost no spoken words, just body movements and expectations of musical scale. At the end of this demonstration, he is offered a job in Neuroscience by the assembled scientists, watching his interaction with the audience in amazement.  And enjoyment. Continue reading Music and Neuroscience in 3 mins РBobby McFerrin