CURATORS INVITING VIDEO – Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

I’ve watched with interest the dawn of curators describing their exhibitions to possible attenders.  The small Dulwich Picture Gallery in London started really well with its director, Ian Dejardin.  In a few minutes, he would tell us what to see, in a quietly enthusiastic way.

Now this – the gallery has TWO curators having a discussion and walking around a collection.

Hands up anyone who’d like to see this exhibition, now?

Me too!  And yes, of course, it is a marketing tool, that couch has been placed there, just so – but they do look at least somewhat relaxed and it feels like a real conversation.  They walk amicably around the exhibition, both get to speak and say what they’re keen about in it – and I find it overwhelmingly inviting.


Bravo, Dulwich Picture Gallery!




How to become a Youtube producer/presenter

How to make a living from YouTube (or die trying)

Fun Ignite presentation by former engineer:

Screen shot 2016-06-27 at 16.34.43

Photo: Dave Jones from the EEVblog (from youtube vid)


Ignite is a specific presentation style: 5 minutes long and must feature 20 powerpoint slides. Interested in doing this style of presentation?


The presenter has kindly put up on his blog a searingly honest description of how he got involved, worked on getting his presentation right, tips along the way, the rehearsal (which he includes a video of) and the final presentation.



Useful communication skills.