Power of Story

Does it matter what we read?  Does it matter that we read?  Is there any power in someone writing?  Will the life of one person, written down, affect someone else? I found a fascinating example in the words of an English teacher trying to teach in a school with gang warfare: Erin Gruwell.  It’s beenContinue reading “Power of Story”

Why arts in school?

“What are the arts for? Why do we encourage creativity? Why do we teach children to play, to perform, to paint?” This is a very old question – one which a cultural leader in Britain  has just made a very direct statement about: the Arts Council Chief Executive  in the Times Educational Supplement.   Key advantages ofContinue reading “Why arts in school?”

English as she is spoked

A brilliant podcast helping learn English as a second language has just won third prize in the British podcast awards: Luke’s English Podcast. One fun sideline he does is a ‘Phrasal verb a day”.  This is truly useful – they are ways of saying something in a common ways of speaking – difficult to learnContinue reading “English as she is spoked”