Portable Sketching Kit

Sketching daily is a great art discipline and finding 20 minutes to sketch is fairly do-able even in the most hectic of schedules.  Grab yourself a few basic tools (set out by tutor Nina Weiss) and you’re good to go…

  1. A box of coloured pencils
  2. a small sketchbook (her hands give an indication of its scale)
  3. 20 minutes

Nina finds it’s important to have these basic tools to hand at any moment when inspiration strikes.

Soon, this blog will feature her on a much longer drawing assignment, working from a photograph she took while travelling.


Portable Takeaway

What drawing/sketching/writing tools do you currently have?

Pool them together – you might be surprised.

Now pack them in such a way that you can have them with you, easy to get hold of, for as much of each day as possible.


Lighter Friday: Safety with tools

Can YOU spot the 2 safety errors made by Reg Prescott, as he works in his DIY shed?!  (The character in this Friday’s ‘health and safety’ film – ahem – is created by Kenny Everett.)

As usual, please note the dangers you can spot, in the comments section on this blog post.  If they are not obvious at first, don’t panic, simply follow back through our Friday posts on Health and Safety at work, to look for some clues.