Another incentive to Write That Book

If you’re aiming to dive into writing That Novel in November – here’s yet another incentive: a £10,000 prize for previously unpublished writer: the Deborah Roger’s Foundation. Deborah was a literary agent, and so this prize continues her life work of supporting new, emerging writers.  The entry level isn’t too strict about not having published before – the odd short story in a magazine or … Continue reading Another incentive to Write That Book

7 actions for beginning writers

I found myself writing this encouragement to a young writer approaching a course in Literature at University – but much of it is useful to any beginning writers: 1.  Believe that you are a writer already. This is tough.  You think “But I haven’t had my first novel published!”  “But I haven’t sold my first filmscript…..” and the minute you say “I’m a writer” to … Continue reading 7 actions for beginning writers

So you want to be a writer/musician/director? (2 mins)

Listen to this poem by Charles Bukowski if you want to follow a creative career, especially writing.  It just take 2 of your earth minutes.  It is compelling and clear. He lists the main reasons to be creative – and traps that hold you back.  It’s that simple.  It’s the entry level test for creatives. Continue reading So you want to be a writer/musician/director? (2 mins)

Nora Ephron nearly cooks

Came across a wee gem of a book in local library: Nora Ephron “I feel bad about my neck, and other thoughts on being a woman.” (From the writer/director who wrote the screenplay for “When harry met sally” and “You got mail”.) This woman is talented, witty, writes in an engaging way and has interesting opinions.  She’s a grumpy old woman with less of the grump and … Continue reading Nora Ephron nearly cooks