Advice for creatives: Caitlin Moran

  “Inappropriate advice for creatives”  by Caitlin Moran 18 minutes of solid gold advice – lively, refreshing and real wisdom in there.  Must-reads for any new media graduates thirsting to get into interesting work.  (For any careers teachers reading this – do consider playing this video to a class). Here’s a few nuggets to get a taste: *Continue reading “Advice for creatives: Caitlin Moran”

Soundtrack to my life

Meaning comes from putting two things together.  This is the basis of montage – according to Sergei Eisenstein (Russian film director) So, I followed a prompting to randomly select tunes on my songlist to match different words – I can’t remember the actual formula: and below is what it came up with… (you could play thisContinue reading “Soundtrack to my life”

Modern Poetry

So what about modern poetry? I came across this website – just look at the info here, on a screengrab from their website at: It’s a bit like falling down the Alice in Wonderland rabbithole – so very many possibilities and non mainstream info. There’s a lot of words about being not so commercial andContinue reading “Modern Poetry”

Choosing colours (knitting)

Swatching – in knitting this practice helps see how colours work together, by knitting small samples.  But I can also see how this theory would help with painting and other arts and crafts of colour (especially patchwork). There’s a master class in this whole area from Shetland knitter Ella Gordon on her blog, right here: reading “Choosing colours (knitting)”

Making Manifest by Dave Harrity   2 minute trailer on book on exercises, integrating faith and making, creating.   Dave Harrity: “Making Manifest: on faith, Creativity and the Kingdom at Hand”   Lots of interviews on Youtube. Simple to follow. Sounds good. It’s 28 days of meditations, prayers, things to do to be more creative. What’s not to like?Continue reading “Making Manifest by Dave Harrity”