Aspirational Vinegar

(This is a little retro snippet from my mobile phone, pictures taken a couple of years ago)

Now showing at a large supermarket near you…. New Design – on display in the Balsamic vinegar department.

I went late night last minute shopping i.e. for an event on the morrow.…. and I was stopped in my racks by the display on offer in the Balsamic vinegar shelves. I even took photos on my phone. Such an enormous range of bottling and labelling and naming… marketing to a whole new level.  With vinegar.  There was:

Balsamic vinegar as expensive and champagne like, wrapped in gold foil:

Balsamic Vinegar as Life itself and positive thinking: “Be”

Balsamic Vinegar as “pearls”.

Containers come in all shapes and sizes of bottle: almost oval, tall and thin, faceted…..

And tins. With multicoloured pop art waves…   This is my favourite. Only their hideous price and the knowledge that I have half a bottle to work through at home stopped me purchasing these.



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