Writers – the bright side of rejection

I found this article in the Literary Hub inspiring – advising to aim for getting your work out there more often to magazines – get the envelopes, get the stamps, sort out self-addressed envelopes and post.  (In many cases nowadays, submission is electronic.) People who became successful writers later, often began with a systematic sendingContinue reading “Writers – the bright side of rejection”

Like lambs to the Laughter… the Apprentice returns

Yes, the cast of my favourite Pantomime is reassembling.  The Apprentice. Every year in the UK, coming up to Christmas, a group of wouldbe entrepreneurs re-enact this traditional play – attempting to become the sidekick of a Super-rich man.  It is the “Britain’s Got Talent” of the business world.  See them run in high heels, watchContinue reading “Like lambs to the Laughter… the Apprentice returns”

Thomas Lux Poem “Upon seeing an ultrasound photo”

I just heard this for the first time today, read by its author in this video.  I pass it on, because I think it’s worth hearing. (note: there is flash photography during the first 15 seconds, but you can miss that part if you want to miss the flash, it won’t affect the poem)  

10 minutes to better photography

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/art/video/photography/   The BBC has put together an online basic revision topics for teens – called BiteSize – and under art it has a group of brief videos on Photography. About one and a half minutes each. they cover: camera types, focus, aperture, exposure, shutter speed, depth of field – all in a very simpleContinue reading “10 minutes to better photography”


Ekphrasis. I beg your pardon? Writing poetry about art. An article on this referred to Kevin Young’s “ecstatic” poem about the artist – Jean-Michel Basquiat – so checked that out. Because I like the work of that artist. Also, ecstatic sounds fun. Shouldn’t be a bore. And then found, even better found this 2 minute delightContinue reading “Ekphrasis”

Australian painter: Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984)

I had never heard of this woman painter before – despite having a copy of the excellent “Women Artists” by Nancy Heller – which is a great starting-place for finding out about many unsung women artists. In Australia, apparently, there are examples of her work in most major art galleries. However, the Antipodean world willContinue reading “Australian painter: Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984)”